Mission Statement

St. Charles Catholic School, in partnership with our parish, will provide a faith-filled environment which challenges students to become upstanding citizens, stewards and scholars through instruction and example.


St. Charles Honor Society
Mrs. Dornick welcomes all the parents and students to the Honor Society breakfast this morning.
Meghan explains one of the five principles of the Honor Society.
Meredith explains the principle of service to those in attendance.
The principle of citizenship is read by Luke.
Maritza lights a candle during the St. Charles Honor Society breakfast.
Joseph signs the book while Mrs. Douglass looks on.
After the ceremony the cameras were sure going off as these proud parents try to capture this moment on film!
Your parents are proud of you and so are we! Congratulations to all the eighth grade students.
Congratulations to all the seventh grade students too! We're proud of all of you!
St. Charles Honor Society
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